In my work as a health and mindset coach, I meet so many inspiring 'wellness focused' people who have an incredible passion and a powerful mission that I know could help so many... yet their voice and online presence is struggling to be seen and heard above the noise.

After creating a number of websites and design materials for my own health and wellness businesses, I came to realise I enjoy the design and development side of things as much as the service of my businesses themselves. 

During that time, without advertising my services, I had been approached by a number of other people with a passion for health and wellness asking for my help in moving their business forward in a way that truly aligned with their values. I decided to formalise my services so I could reach out and help more people in this way.


"I help wellness entrepreneurs show up and shine with deep heart-centred authenticity"


As my own personal development has evolved, what began as purely a graphic design service has quickly grown into 'Be Visible' to dig deeper beneath the surface, unlocking your 'why' and your core values and allowing you to find your voice and your business to be seen for who you truly are. You are your brand.

Why I'm different...

My extensive background and career in art, interior design and architecture, my further personal development of graphic design and photography skills alongside my heart-centred deep coaching approach has put me in a unique position to help you focus in on, and extract the deeper core of your business philosophy as a unified whole and how this can be most powerfully expressed.

As a deeply heart centred-wellness coach and business owner myself, I know how important it is that a true authentic passion comes through in any visual output and the power this has to directly connect with your audience. This understanding forms the basis of how we will work together. 

Ways we can work together...

I offer three packages:

  • Step Into The Light - An 8-week programme for new wellness businesses (or those looking to revamp or change direction).
  • Keep Shining Bright - A follow on 3-months coaching package to provide support in living your mission. 
  • Design Bundles - The design essentials with a heart-centred vibe.

We always begin with a complementary discussion so I can fully understand not only what you want to develop on a technical level but also the vision you want to embody on a deeper level. This will help determine what option is right for you.

Following this initial session, I will put together a more detailed brief and full quote for your approval. 

Click the links above to find out full details on each of the packages.

Bridging the gap...

I am surrounded by 'heart-centred' people in both my business and personal circles. I love you. I am one of you.

I have become increasingly aware in discussions with so many, that there is often a gap between the strengths of the 'caring, emotional' nature and a lacking in confidence or skills when it comes to the 'technical, design based' side of things and sharing your voice with the world in a way your clients can connect with.

You are amazing at what you do, there is no doubt... yet if you cannot visually reach the people who could most benefit from what you offer, you are missing out and so are they.

I am here to meet you where you are at, tease out your dreams and give them a powerful presence in the world.

Are you ready? 

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