Do you work in the 'wellness' industry?

Do you consider yourself more of an introvert?

Could you benefit from greater online visibility?



In my own work as a health and mindset coach, I meet so many inspiring 'wellness focused' people who have an incredible passion and a powerful mission that I know could help so many... yet their voice and online presence is struggling to be seen and heard above the noise. 

This bothers me. It really bothers me. Particularly since (like me) many of these people would also identify as introverts who tend to shy away from small talk and the overwhelm of traditional group networking. Therefore, finding alternative ways of powerfully sharing their message with the world becomes even more crucial.

I decided to create a unique new package that could significantly help small business owners in the wellness field:

  • To become more visible.
  • Be able to more powerfully share their unique voice and mission with the world.
  • Create wider exposure and better reach their ideal clients.
  • And ultimately increase their income through meaningful work they love.

Does this sound like something YOU could benefit from? 

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BE SEEN IN 2018...

Back in 2011, before I became a health and mindset coach, I began a food blog called which has grown and evolved over the years along with the depth of my own self-growth, technical knowledge and experience in this field. It is now the the hub of my business. It took many years, multiple courses, mentors, books and my own trial and error, but I now have a powerful body of resources.

In speaking with a colleague the other day it suddenly occurred to me how much my experience has to offer others, and that I should find a way to powerfully package it and offer that to you, so that you can be 'seen in 2018'...

I have created a 1-1 ‘visibility’ package to offer just 10 people at a crazy low launch price.

(This will be the ONLY time this package will be offered at this low price).


The package would be specifically tailored to your business, but as a minimum it would cover:

  • Website creation - your own shiny new website newly created or updated to showcase ‘you’ as your personal brand in the very best light, designed in a way that you can maintain with ease. (This service alone usually starts at £500)
  • Find Your 'voice’ - We will get super clear on your identity, mission and purpose and brainstorm multiple ways this can translate into powerful copy, articles and social media presence. (This is where my skills as a mindset coach also massively come into play - this service alone is priceless!)
  • ‘About me’ and bio - how to powerfully share your story and talk about your work to naturally attract your ideal clients.
  • Imagery and design styling - how to create a ‘brand style’ where to find great pics license free and how to create your own great graphics using nothing more than a phone.
  • Blogging - the what’s/how’s/why’s and everything else on this topic!
  • Incentives - we'll create a product designed to attract potential clients, offer value, reinforce your message and help open up meaningful conversations.
  • Spread your message - how to get media attention, pick up on trends, and spread your reach to other platforms.
  • Teaming up - exploring potential options for joint ventures and collaborations with other professionals in complimentary fields. 
  • Products and services - we'll review what you currently offer and brainstorm options that could monetise your skills beyond 1-1 work.
  • The tools and the tech - this is the nitty gritty- but don't shy away! We’ll explore options for simplifying and streamlining creating and sharing your work, in ways that don’t feel icky, overwhelm you or suck away your precious time. 
  • Multi-purposing - how to create content once and use it 5+ times...
  • Future Proofing - Worksheets, videos, notes and email support to recap and ensure you can hit the ground running... and keep going!
  • Follow on Support - A one-month-on follow-up call for troubleshooting, coaching, reviewing and tying up any loose ends that may have cropped up along your journey!

*If you already have a website you are totally happy with but would like to dive into the rest of the package, we can discuss what this could look like for you.


The bespoke nature of this programme means the exact delivery may vary from person to person, depending on your specific business needs. However the fundamental framework would look something like this, delivered over roughly six to eight weeks (plus one month check in call):

  • Initial business 'downloading' session to get it all out on the table and discover where we are at
  • Homework to focus in on mission / purpose / finding your voice 
  • Website build
  • Draft website review session and digging deeper into your why / use of language / branding / styling
  • Homework for website copy / social media / blogging / article content
  • Session to review tools & tech / products 'beyond your business'
  • Website wrap up and 'future proofing'
  • Check in call one month later.

Each session call would be around 90 mins in length and take place via Zoom or Skype video or audio as appropriate.


Who it IS for?

You love what you do and you know you could help so any people if only you could reach them. You often feel frustrated at your inability to compete in the 'noisy' world of social media and a seemingly saturated market of other similar businesses. You have a deep heart-centred sense of your mission but find putting it in to words much harder. You feel stuck in a vicious cycle, spending a lot of time working on your business but not connecting with the people you most want to. You are likely to be more of an introvert who is great with 1-1's and small groups but less comfortable with mingling and networking at larger events where you feel you should be to spread the word far and wide. You may have a website (or maybe not) but it doesn't reflect the greatness of you, it needs an overhaul but you aren't sure how since design is not one of your strengths.

Who it's NOT for?

If you already feel pretty 'visible' in your industry, have plenty of potential ideal clients lined up, have clarity around your mission and brand message, have some design flair and feel comfortable blogging and creating exposure for your work.... then to be honest you probably don't need this package. Just keep on going and doing what is working for you!!


Investment: only £750 (value = priceless) This is the first launch of this programme, and these prices will likely increase significantly in the future.

Programme timescale - I will be working with clients from June through to September.

There will be an enrolment process as I will only be taking on clients who's business I feel will be a great fit and most benefit from what I can offer.

If you'd like to explore this opportunity further, please get in touch and we can arrange a time to chat. There are only 10 spaces as this is a highly personalised 1-1 programme and my time is limited.


Ultimately in order to connect with your clients, you need to connect with yourself as a deep level.

As we work through the package you may notice they are areas you'd benefit from diver deeper into. As I challenge you to shift your perspective and step out of your comfort zone you may notice that thoughts and feelings come up for you that require some extra work to process.

I am offering an additional 3-months 1-1 coaching for a special price of £750 (this price is only available when confirmed and paid before the final session of the visibility package) and will continue for the 3-months that directly follow. I will continue to support and guide your personal journey as you 'visibly' step up in your business.


I've been featured in these places (and lots more)

I've been featured in these places (and lots more)

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I have always been a 'think-outside-the-box' creative on a journey to living outside the norms of societies expectation. I studied Spatial Design at University (gaining a First Class Honours degree), which ultimately led me into a career where I became an associate in an architects practice. But I knew that wasn't my calling. After eight years sitting behind a desk and working for someone else, I had to break out. Let loose. I had to find the REAL ME that was hidden inside. 

In 2011 I designed and began writing my vegan food blog Including Cake, which has since grown and evolved into the hub of my business. In 2013 I launched Wholeplus, my plant-based health food business. In 2014 I qualified as a certified Health Coach and was also awarded a scholarship to train as a life and personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy. I have since furthered my personal and coaching development through working with other coaches and mentors well respected in their field.

I have written for a number of national and international publications and my work has been featured across many platforms. I have created a number of ebooks and am currently writing my first 'real' book focussing on the art of creativity and inner connectedness (due for release early 2019). If you want to hang out with me... day-to-day you'll mostly find me at Including Cake or on Instagram.