“Start Out”

Are you ready to powerfully share you mission with the world?

  • Could you benefit from better online visibility to reach your ideal clients?

  • Are you an entrepreneur in the wellness, creative or personal development industries?

  • Do you have a passion project you are curious to turn from a hobby into a side-line income?

  • Are you looking to test an idea and launch it quickly to see if the world is ready for it?

So, here’s the thing…

Sometimes simple is better. Uncomplicated, quick to action, highly efficient BUT still sharing your core message in a powerful way.

The added bonus… a super affordable price point!

‘Start Out’ is an eye-catching single-page scrolling website package to help small business owners in the wellness industry ‘show up’ with a clear message, with all the key information in one place, showcasing your story and product/service and sharing links to your existing external social media/shop/booking… all within a beautiful yet simple website experience.

  • Business brainstorm + design and branding review

  • Recorded ‘copy creation’ session

  • Options for hosting within my platform or your own independent space (we’ll discuss which is right for you)

  • Single-page scrolling website designed and ready for launch within 48hrs

  • Option for upgrading to a full multi-page website in the future

  • Contact form for client connection

  • Social media integration

  • Integration of existing newsletter to Mailchimp or ConvertKit

  • Personalised video tour so that you can make your own updates ongoing

  • Kickstart exposure to my audience

  • All files delivered in all required formats in a private Dropbox folder with joint access at all times

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Is this package right for me?

Who it IS for:

  • You need a simple website up and running very quickly with minimal input from you.

  • You want a clear platform to showcase the essence of your work and who you are.

  • You are looking for a beautiful yet easy to use informational website as a hub for your business with all content and links on one scrolling page, or you have a number of businesses and are looking for a landing page that ties everything beautifully together (no more multiple business cards needed!)

  • You think you’ll want a more extensive website with additional added pages in the future but for now just a simple site to get up and running.

  • You have a business or personal project you'd like to showcase in the area of wellness, personal development or art/craft.

  • You have already bought the domain name and have the relevant social media channels and mailing list platform sorted (or are ready to).

  • You have your logo ready to go, or are happy for a basic text based logo (we can also discuss this further)

  • You have your images/graphics ready to use, of yourself and your product/service as relevant or stock images (try Pexels.com for some great free pics)

Who it’s NOT for:

  • You are looking for a more extensive site with multiple pages, a integrated blog or a shop etc

  • You don’t currently have full clarity on your brand - name, images, logos, message etc (although we could dive into this in a PowerHour+)

  • You are looking for a re-model of a current website (this package is a build-from-scratch service)

Additional services:

There are additional services not included in the standard package, you can choose to take on these yourself or I can assist you.

  • Domain name transfer (read more here) - £100

  • Mailchimp or Convertkit mailing list setup - £150
    My website services includes connecting an existing opt-in newsletter form to your Mailchimp or ConvertKit list. But if it’s a new service, this will require setting up your account and designing a newsletter template as well as configuring your newsletter automation.

  • Shop front - from £100
    If you require digital or physical products to be added to your site, Squarespace is the perfect platform for this. This requires content and copy for each individual product to be set up. Price quoted depends on the nature and number of products required, from £100 for a single product (I can also guide you in setting up additional products after the first yourself to keep costs low)

  • Logo Creation - £250
    Where this is not already specified as part of the package.

  • Ongoing troubleshooting/maintenance/advice beyond the scope stated in the package - £80/hr (charged in 30 minute blocks)

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Want More?

In order to connect with your clients, you need to connect with yourself at a deep level.

As we work through the package you may notice there are areas you'd benefit from diving deeper into. As I challenge you to shift your perspective and step out of your comfort zone you may notice that thoughts and feelings come up for you that require some extra work to process.

Take a look at the follow-on coaching package 'Shine On' if you feel you could benefit from further support.


I've been featured in these places (and lots more)

I've been featured in these places (and lots more)

jo2 small.jpg

I have always been a 'think-outside-the-box' creative on a journey to living outside the norms of societies expectation. I studied Spatial Design at University (gaining a First Class Honours degree), which ultimately led me into a career where I became an associate in an architects practice. But I knew that wasn't my calling. After eight years sitting behind a desk and working for someone else, I had to break out. Let loose. I had to find the REAL ME that was hidden inside. 

In 2011 I designed and began writing my vegan food blog Including Cake, which has since grown and evolved into the hub of my business. In 2013 I launched Wholeplus, my plant-based health food business. In 2014 I qualified as a certified Health Coach and was also awarded a scholarship to train as a life and personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy. I have since furthered my personal and coaching development through working with other coaches and mentors well respected in their field.

I have written for a number of national and international publications and my work has been featured across many platforms. I have created a number of ebooks and am currently writing my first 'real' book focussing on the art of creativity and inner connectedness. If you want to hang out with me... day-to-day you'll mostly find me at Including Cake or on Instagram.