“Shine On”

So you’ve launched your wellness business…

Whoop… gimme a high five!!

…You've been running on a wave of adrenaline and excitement as you launch.

…Maybe you've held some taster sessions and got great initial feedback.

…Your business cards have been delivered and it all starts to feel very real.

And then... the overwhelm hits!

"My brain has too many tabs open"



I have been there. Totally been there. I had never anticipated the 'gap' between creating a business and actually getting it off the ground.

It requires grit, determination and emotional resilience. It also calls upon you to hold onto to your heart-centred vision even when daily routine and challenging logistics get in the way and threaten to cloud your view. It's a testing time for sure.

As we worked through 'Step Out' you may have noticed areas you'd benefit from diving deeper into. As you were challenged to shift your perspective and step out of your comfort zone there may have been thoughts and feelings show up that require some extra work to process.

In order to connect with your clients, you need to connect with yourself at a deep level.

'Shine On' is a 3-month coaching package to support you through these first few critical months of your new or relaunched business. To help you stay true to your mission. To navigate the storms of overwhelm, or tricky clients, or finding your 'new normal'. It also offers continued tech support and mentoring as and when required.

  • Three months of 1-1 personal coaching with a 60 minute audio session twice per month via Zoom/phone.

  • Continued tech support and mentoring as needed as your business grows.

  • 2 x quickfire (10 min) troubleshooting calls.

  • Challenging your mindset to support you in stepping beyond your comfort zone.

  • Weekly accountability to check in with goal setting.

  • Personal email/WhatsApp support in between sessions.


Is this package right for me?

Who it IS for?

Those who have already completed ‘Show Up’ or 'Step Out' and want to continue a deep dive in showing up authentically in their business.

Who it's NOT for?

Those looking for general coaching unrelated to the launch/re-launch of a wellness business.

For 1-1 coaching focussed more broadly on reconnecting within, please see my main coaching page here.

Comments from previous coaching Clients:

"For support, encouragement & inspiration to live your best life yet & create the level of wellness you've been longing for, look no further than inspirational personal performance + health coach, Jo Hodson. I am genuinely yet to meet anyone who exudes as much passion, excitement and commitment to changing the lives of others as Jo. Get in touch to allow her to work some transformational magic in your life!"  - Katie , Wellness Coach

"If you run a wellbeing business and need someone to help you dig deep and realise your vision, speak to Jo! Of course, she won’t just help you to think about your ideas, she will also make your vision a reality.  Jo is authentic, enthusiastic and caring.  I am so glad I took this journey with her" - Karyn at The Happiness Chef

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I've been featured in these places (and lots more)

I've been featured in these places (and lots more)

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I have always been a 'think-outside-the-box' creative on a journey to living outside the norms of societies expectation. I studied Spatial Design at University (gaining a First Class Honours degree), which ultimately led me into a career where I became an associate in an architects practice. But I knew that wasn't my calling. After eight years sitting behind a desk and working for someone else, I had to break out. Let loose. I had to find the REAL ME that was hidden inside. 

In 2011 I designed and began writing my vegan food blog Including Cake, which has since grown and evolved into the hub of my business. In 2013 I launched Wholeplus, my plant-based health food business. In 2014 I qualified as a certified Health Coach and was also awarded a scholarship to train as a life and personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy. I have since furthered my personal and coaching development through working with other coaches and mentors well respected in their field.

I have written for a number of national and international publications and my work has been featured across many platforms. I have created a number of ebooks and am currently writing my first 'real' book focussing on the art of creativity and inner connectedness (due for release early 2019). If you want to hang out with me... day-to-day you'll mostly find me at Including Cake or on Instagram.