>> Welcome to this live workshop <<

October 4th @ 8pm UK time

If you want to join in the discussions… the chat box is ready for you to sign in!


Hopefully you are here because…

  • You are a business owner in the wellness field (or soon plan to be!)

  • You have multiple passions and find it hard to know where to channel your focus…

  • Or maybe you know your focus BUT don’t know how to stand out amongst the noise of so many others in your field?

You’re in the right place, because that was ME too!

So, go grab some water and a notebook (or download THIS WORKBOOK I’ll be guiding you through) and settle in for the next 60 minutes as we discover how you can most powerfully show up with more clarity and authenticity in your business.


If you want to explore more… please check out the Step Into The Light 8-week package that dives deep into everything we cover today and so much more PLUS you’ll come out the other side have a brand spanking new website and a business raring to go!