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Courage is in the choosing...

A while ago now I was very privileged to be invited into conversation with a good friend - a wonderful coach and fellow creative Ann Skinner a.k.a. The 'Heartworker'She was leading a 7-day challenge called 'Awaken Your GREATfullness' ahead of the launch of her Heartworkers Academy. I was invited as the very first guest speaker on the theme of courage!

This conversation came back to me as I recently featured Ann on my own interview series on the topic ‘Permission’ (to live life on our own terms).

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What does it mean to 'trust the process?

I went to a Kundalini yoga and sound meditation workshop recently and during part of that experience we were asked to think of an affirmation or a mantra that had meaning for us. 

The first thought that sprang to my mind, as it has done in many situations recently was 'trust the process'. Without prompting these words spun round and round in my mind as I breathed them deeply in and out through my body and soul.

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