What does it mean to 'trust the process?

I went to a Kundalini yoga and sound meditation workshop recently and during part of that experience we were asked to think of an affirmation or a mantra that had meaning for us. 

The first thought that sprang to my mind, as it has done in many situations recently was 'trust the process'. Without prompting these words spun round and round in my mind as I breathed them deeply in and out through my body and soul.

(Photo taken on retreat with the Merkaba community, Portugal (the closest to kundalini I could find!)

(Photo taken on retreat with the Merkaba community, Portugal (the closest to kundalini I could find!)

My mind then began to wander into what trusting the process truly meant for me. And I'd love to know what it means for you in your life- how do you interact with those three words?

For me, trust the process is...

  • believing that there is something beyond you that has influence over the end result.

  • living from your heart and not your head.

  • a place to come from, not simply to get to.

  • words of comfort when I feel scared as hell.

  • relaxing back into the safety of the universe.

  • knowing that what will be is simply what is meant to be even if it's not we anticipated.

  • learning to be a vulnerable.

  • relinquishing control.

  • an underlying belief that things will always turn out ok in the end.

  • honouring that magic doesn't happen overnight but grows within us as we repeatedly lean into that space overtime.

  • a practice- and the more we practice learning to love the journey the more rewards we will receive.

For me, being here at the beginning of my journey in learning to trust the process, it's been one of the most powerful, terrifying yet simultaneously empowering things I have ever experienced.

It comes up in many conversations with my clients and those three words are something I encourage everyone to seek to understand from the heart and through experience, beyond simply acknowledging the words in your head.

What does trust the process mean for you?

How can you cultivate it in your life today?

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