The commitment to Intention vs action

When you make a commitment you have two choices, you can commit to the intention or you can commit to the action…

Intro side note: I found this post as an unfinished note in Evernote as I was scrolling through notes tagged with 'blog'. It was from August 2015 and for some reason had been totally forgotten about. Re-reading it today felt just as profound and the message just as clear as the day it was written. Upon reflection I notice that over the last 18 months or so, I have definitely begun shifting much more into the space of intention. My perception of 'commitment' now allows room for the evolution and growth 'intentions' encompasss. I guess you could say I commit to my intentions, ha ha. :-)

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Until recently I hadn't appreciated there was even a choice not alone the difference between the two and how powerfully an awareness of that distinction can serve us.

One of the sides of my personality that can be seen as both a strength and a weakness is my competitive and perfectionistic traits, I set a high bar for myself and always strive to achieve it. The downside comes when I fall short or 'fail', or more importantly put huge pressure on myself to maintain that commitment of action to reach a goal but in doing so undermine my physical or mental state. That then doesn't serve me at all. That commitment is based on action… Achieving the said goal whatever it takes.

But what if I committed to an intention?

How would that change my perception or manifestation of the goal.

It would mean that my commitment and my drive is no less powerful yet I give myself permission to take a step back or change tack when I recognise it's required, I give myself permission to say no when it does not serve me, I give myself permission to fall short then pick up and carry on the next day.

A commitment based on intention will ensure that the goal is achieved in alignment with what serves you most optimally, this may mean that the destination changes or the goal shifts.

A commitment based on action is striving to reach the goal no matter what, regardless of how this may or may not serve the greater good. Falling short is failing. Its black or white. It doesn't take an account of subtleties or of a constant evolving space from which we show up in the world.

Committing to an intention is incredibly empowering. It recognises our evolution and honours shifts in our practice. It is from this space I choose to approach my future decisions.

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