Why a pretty website can actually harm your business

As a designer, that might be the last thing you expected, right?

It probably goes without saying that a poorly designed website can do you a huge disservice... so why a beautifully designed one?

So here's the thing...

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I'm first and foremost and explorer of the human spirit. In my work as a coach, I help people design their lives and as a designer what ends up on a website, is often the result of deep dive coaching conversations around what it means to truly connect with and show up in your business.

But, when you have a beautiful website, it's very easy to hide behind it.

I know this all too well.

I know this from experience and yes, I probably still fell into this trap from time to time as I was putting together my own pretty website. I’m only human.

I started out my wellness journey as a blogger, writing lots of content. My website began as nothing more than a little scrapbook to document my experiences. That quickly evolved, then I qualified as a health coach and I took a deep dive into working with coaching clients.

Then it all got very very real!

My website was always there in the background, and often it was a source of happy distraction, a 'justifiable procrastination'. I could hide behind my screen and 'fiddle with the colours or the layout' or 'write one more blog post' instead of being out there on the street, having the conversations with potential clients, sharing my skills, showing up and serving.

It's so easy to hide behind the screen.

It takes much more guts to step out.

When you have a pretty website, or a set of shiny new business cards, or a new Instagram account or Facebook Page, it can feel like action taking.... but it's not.

It doesn't mean anything if you don't reach out and take action in the real world. What good is a pretty website is no-one actually engages with it, engages with you?

And so whilst I might be a designer, whilst I might create you a beautiful website and graphics to showcase your incredible gifts to the world… for me, it's so much more about the person you become through the process of us working together.

The person that has not just the passion within for her work, but also the clarity and the confidence to authentically shout about it from the roof tops and enjoy every moment of doing so!

This is what really fascinates me.

This is what really lights me up.

It's your world, your purpose, your passions, your skills, your talents, your gifts, your personality that I want to tease out and give a voice through the words on the screen AND THEN support you in showing up and serving from THAT place.

A pretty website means nothing if you don't then take action.

The person your were at the beginning of the 'design journey' is very different to the one you are by the end.

That's a wonderful journey of discovery.

A pretty website is not a place for to hide behind, it's a platform for you to launch yourself from.

Need a hand to help your website help you in putting yourself out there in the world?

I have created this free guide to help you hit the ground running, overcome the overwhelm and approach the process through the eyes of a designer yet with your passion and purpose front and centre.

Your website is your launch pad.

jo hodson