Why a pretty website can actually harm your business

As a designer, that might be the last thing you expected, right?

It probably goes without saying that a poorly designed website can do you a huge disservice... so why a beautifully designed one?

So here's the thing...

I'm first and foremost and explorer of the human spirit. In my work as a coach, I help people design their lives and as a designer what ends up on a website, is often the result of deep dive coaching conversations around what it means to truly connect with and show up in your business.

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Labels... Make up your own and wear them with pride!

The 'labels' we apply within our lives are a funny thing. Very are useful in some scenarios yet very detrimental in others.

From a practical point of view labels create containers and compartments to help streamline and speed up processes. They help our lives run on autopilot and we can slot ourselves into where we think we fit within the bigger picture without expending much mental energy.

Yet, by the same token, these labels can be to our huge detriment. particularly when it comes to how we are perceived in our business roles.

When someone asks, “what do you do?” our go-to response is often a ‘label’ we have given ourselves, the title on out business cards. Open to interpretation.

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The dreaded question... ‘So what do you do?’

For so many years I struggled with the abundance of ideas and options that flooded my mind...

Which ones should I follow? 

If I honour one does it meaning dropping the others? 

How will I tell people about what I do?

Ahhh, now I need another business card...

Which email address should I send this from?

I’m confused about who I am so I’m pretty sure other people are...

It resulted in confusion and overwhelm and feeling like I was scattering my focus so thinly and not really achieving anything at all. My confidence suffered and I cringed when asked the dreaded question:So what do you do?’

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