Hey I’m Jo! I have always been a creative at heart. I spent much of my free time as possible in the art studios at school, went on to do an Art-Foundation Diploma, then went onto to study Spatial Design and Architecture at University graduating with a 1st Class Honours. Ultimately that all led me into a career where I became an associate in an architects practice.

But, I knew that wasn't my calling…

After eight years sitting behind a desk and designing for someone else, I had to break out. Let loose. I had to find the REAL ME that was hidden inside. 

So I quit my life as as knew it and launched in at the deep end of my own personal wellness journey of discovery... 

A brief history of how that journey evolved…

  • In 2011 I made the transition to a plant-based diet, it blew my mind and flipped life as I knew it on it’s head. My blog Including Cake was born, it has since grown and evolved into the hub of my world (you can also read more about me there!)

  • In 2013 I launched Wholeplus, my health food business which was a crazy ride into the unknown - I did all the design, branding, packaging, product development, sales, marketing, production and shipping on my own!! 

  • In 2014 I qualified as a certified Health Coach and was also awarded a scholarship to train as a life and personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy. In the meantime I continue to work with my own coaches, both 1-1 and in mastermind groups in the pursuit of self growth.

  • In 2015, after years of personal creativity and ‘helping out friends’ (a little too generously!), my original design service 'Design From The Heart' was born from the passion to offer quality design to others in the wellness industries.

  • In 2018 I fused my passions for design and deep coaching and rebranded as 'Be Visible' - a service born to help other wellness entrepreneurs truly show up and shine with deep heart-centred authenticity.

Everything I am today is an amalgamation of my life experiences, my innate creativity and desire to express my inner voice and create the space for others to do the same.

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